Friday, August 23, 2013

Foodie Friday: Power Muffins

It is no secret I love me some carbs, especially at breakfast. I blame the fact that I am a coffee drinker. Nothing goes better with coffee than a delicious baked good. However, I do try to be a little bit healthy with my choices. Some days it is whole wheat toast with peanut butter. Some days it is whole grain waffles and fruit. When I saw this recipe for Power Muffins at Domesticated Academic I figured it would also be a good healthy breakfast choice.
Yesterday morning I was planning on working out and then mixing these up before anyone in the house was up. Yeah, I got halfway through yoga and Peachy came up and was just finishing when I heard Cream. Not so much on getting the muffins done before everyone got up. After feeding the girls a yogurt, I got to work. It was hard for Cream to wait for me to make and bake the muffins.
If possible, she is more of a carb addict than her mother. We actually call her a carbavore. However, I do believe they were worth the wait. They have a light texture and are stuffed with yummy goodness. They also go well with coffee or milk!

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