Thursday, July 30, 2015

Six Years

As I was pushing Shortcake the other day, it dawned on me that I have been pushing this very stroller for over 6 years now. I am still amazed at the wonderful blessings the Lord has given us in each of our children.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2015

This was our second time attending parts of the EAA Airventure in Oshkosh. (You can read about the first trip here.) Mr. Cherry's brother works for a business on the grounds so we get more of a behind the scenes look at the show. We all had a blast. The kiddos really enjoyed everything, but especially enjoyed hanging out with their cousins.
Peachy especially enjoyed collecting the swag at the booths.

She has it all saved in a case.

The fireworks at the night show were awesome!

The pyrotechnics on the planes at the night show were beautiful.

This little man made his daddy proud by enjoying watching all of the planes. He would point at the sky and say, "See!" And then would say, "Zoom!"

These two have a special bond. Cream loves snuggling with her uncle.

The moon peeking out halfway through the night show.

God's painting of the sky.

One of the hundreds of planes we saw over the weekend.

Mr. Cherry sharing his love of flying with Shortcake.

Not related to the airshow, but my sister-in-law and I were able to sneak away and catch the Dressing Downton exhibit! So awesome seeing the costumes from the show.
Thank you N, J, E, H, and L for the wonderful time!! We love and miss you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life At KBO

Seriously, this has been such a quick summer, you guys! I can't believe that we are almost to August. Peachy and Cream keep reminding me how quickly school is starting. Eeek. A friend recently said that it feels like they just got into the swing of summer and now we have to start thinking about getting into the school routine.
Peachy took swimming lessons this month. She did a good job, but did not get promoted. She needs to work on her strokes. I am still proud of how far she has come. I can't decide if I want to sign up for a fall session or not. I guess we will see when the schedule comes out.
The girls each finished their reading program and received ice cream coupons, so of course we had to use them.
We met up with my parents one day and did some shopping in the big city. We went to two shops that I sell my products at. I splurged on these adorable sleep masks from Stitch Lab
We have been doing some exploring in the area. There is something so fun about learning about the area and world with these guys. Whether it is seeing turtles sunning on rocks in the river or a huge green caterpillar, it is so much better when shared with my kiddos.
All of a sudden, Mr. Shortcake has grown. He is bigger and acts bigger too. This is such a fun stage. He is full of curiosity and learning new things everyday.
These days can seem long and overwhelming, but they are the days, my friends. The days when we are completely together. We aren't running in different directions, each with our own agenda for the day. I love my little tribe!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Fourth--2015

I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth weekend. (If you are in the US, that is.) Mr. Cherry had off Thursday and Friday in addition to the weekend, so it was a nice long break for us. Today is back to reality with Mr. Cherry not only back to work, but off on a work trip. It is also a rainy day here right now, so we are chilling out in the house. Thankfully the girls are involved in an elaborate game of pretend after a rocky start and Shortcake is taking a nice long nap. I am using my day to catch up on things and clean up the house.

The girls and I made a few projects over the weekend including paper windsocks and ribbon wands. Unfortunately the windsocks are now drenched as we hung them outside and their wands are now de-ribboned thanks to some scissor skills.

I loved seeing the difference between this year's Fourth picture and last year's here. What a difference a year makes!! Kids who have grown up and even a new front step to sit on.
Hope you are all getting over your holiday weekend hangovers. Hugs!

Children's Pictures--June, 2015

The picture before this is hillarious. The girls look great, but Shortcake has this puzzled look on his face. Good thing he figured it all out quickly.

While we were back in our old stomping grounds at the beginning of the summer, I had my good friend and photographer do a photo session with the kids. 
Our beautiful and spunky Cream.

It was so nice to be able to have Tina take our pictures again. 
She is as beautiful as she is creative and crazy!

They turned out beautifully, well, except for a certain awkward six year old in a few of them. 
This one is my favorite! I can't wait to get a big print or canvass made of it.

(She comes by it honestly.) 
Another favorite!

I just love these kiddos. 
Sister attack!! He gets those a lot!

They are each so unique! 
The perfect action shot of our happy little man.

And, in my humble opinion, not all that hard on the eyes, either!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Life At KBO

We love dining alfresco! And the hose clean up is a breeze!
 Wow! Life has been happening in our little family and I just haven't been making the time to document it on this little space. I am going to try and get a little better at keeping things up here. (Thank goodness for cell phone pictures! I better work on getting my good camera out more often as well.)
Summer is in full swing around here. We had a bit of a laid back June. Although we did travel back to our old stomping grounds for a quick visit with some friends. It was such a refreshing trip. I sure do miss those peeps. We also got together with all of Mr. Cherry's family over Father's Day weekend as we have been doing for the last several years.

At a parade with some cousins.
The kiddos and I participated in vacation Bible school at our church and school. Peachy and Cream were actual students and Shortcake got to tag along since I was teaching. They all enjoyed themselves and I really loved getting back into a teaching role. I sometimes forget how much fun it is to teach littles.
Singing with a Christian band for VBS
Mr. Cherry and I were also able to celebrate our tenth anniversary. I will write a separate post on that, but it was a wonderful weekend together.
Doing some painting.
Our new location puts us more on a path for travelers. It has been fun to welcome a few friends and family as they are driving through.
How Cream roles!
The girls have some fun park and rec activities scheduled in the coming month. I love these programs as they are pretty low key and affordable. Just what smaller children need, in my opinion. (Also what a stay-at-home parent needs to break things up a bit.)
Water fun
Mr. Cherry has been keeping really busy with work. The bummer about all that work is that it just doesn't leave enough time for projects and fun! However, the evenings and weekends often find him working  on our yard or a house project.
Waiting with rain jackets, puddle boots, and buckets for a summer thunderstorm to roll through.

The kids and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather and spending lots of time outside. Whether it is in our backyard or at nearby parks, we are loving summer. Shortcake really enjoys being outside and often stands by the door and asks to go out first thing in the morning. He loves to explore. I just have to keep a close eye on him or he is off on his own.
Off exploring in the "woods" of our backyard.

Peachy has been spending lots of time reading. As an avid reader and teacher, it brings me so much joy!!! And she will even read to her siblings! Bonus!
Right now we are enjoying a rare four day weekend at home. There is an air show in town and the girls have been keeping bust trying to spot the planes practicing. Shortcake doesn't like how loud they are. He was literally shaking the first time he heard one. I bet by this time next year he will be the one out spotting the planes.
Trying our the bike buggy

Wow, if you made it this far, congratulations! See, it has been a long time since I last blogged. I hope you all are having a wonderful Fourth weekend!