Monday, November 11, 2013

Little Man Tie Tee Shirts

Have you ever seen the Blume line of products for kids? So many fun ideas! A friend recently sent me a request to make her adorable little boys some Blume inspired Little Man Tie Shirts since she couldn't find matching shirts in the correct sizes. She wants to use them for their family's Christmas pictures. Isn't that going to be awesome?
I started by purchasing plain red shirts. I found mine at Target. Then I took a man's tie and cut it down to make a tie for each shirt. I wish I could tell you how I ended up making the tie, but it was really by trial and error. After stitching the ties up, I decided to connect them to the shirts with velcro. That way they can be removed for washing.
I can't wait to see your little men in their tie shirts, Jenny!

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