Monday, October 3, 2016

Sweetie Pie: Four Months

Goodness gracious, I love this peanut so much! At four months our Sweetie enjoys sitting up with help and being right in the middle of the action. She gets upset at us when we sit down to eat and leave her in her bouncy chair on the floor. It is as if she is saying, "I am a part of this family, too, guys!"

Her siblings all love her and she loves the attention that she gets from each of them. Mr. Shortcake will bring her ALL of the toys and pile them all up around her. The girls love talking to her and seeing what she will grab on to.

Her sleep is all over the board at this point. She gave us her longest stretch this weekend and slept 9 hours!! Then the next night she was up six times, I think. (I lost count!) I often bring her in our bed to nurse in the night and find myself fallen asleep with her. I think she likes being in our cozy big bed.

Looking at her cheeks and rolls we know she doesn't need to be up at night! She is weighing in at 16#12oz and measures 24 inches long. She is definitely a squishy baby!!

She is desperately trying to figure her hands out. She will sit and work and work at grabbing something. Quite often this involves flapping her arms around uncontrollably. So beware is you are holding her, you just might end up with a slap to the face.

She has yet to roll over. I blame this on the fact that I don't do much tummy time with my children. She doesn't like being on the floor because of a strong FOMO! I am trying to get better at giving her time on the floor to figure those large muscles out. She does love to lock those chubby legs and stand, though. Maybe she will go straight to standing.

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