Monday, March 13, 2017

Mom Life: The Best Laid Plans

I had so much that I planned on doing and getting done last week. And then half of us got the stomach flu and that pretty much filled our entire week. Thankfully only half of us got it and we all made it through, but wow! Our house still shows that I didn't get much done in the housekeeping department for many days.

 (Well, I did have a constant stream of gross laundry that was being processed. And I did thoroughly de-germify the entire house, so there is that. Oh and also, lots and lots of snuggles. Why are snuggles never on our to-do list? and did we ever make use of our Netflix!!)

So here it is a new week and we all seem to be healthy. I should really hit the ground running today, but I slept in and now that the big girls are off to school, I am typing this and planning on enjoying my second cup of coffee. 

Ah, the mom life. Here's hoping that I find my motivation in one of the piles around the house and get at it

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