Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gallery Art Pads

Recently while I Pinterest, I saw an awesome gallery wall in one of the room ideas I pinned. After clicking through to the blog post I found out about Me and My Big Idea Gallery Art Pads. (You can buy them through their site, or I ordered mine through JoAnn.com.) They are a large pad filled with various size prints that can be trimmed and framed or used in another way. I loved them all and when I was trying to decide which pad to order I couldn't. I liked them all. 
So, I used a coupon and ordered them all. Ha! The great thing is, I am sure I will use many of them throughout our house, but I also plan on giving them as gifts. That is what I did with these three prints. I looked through all of the pads and selected three prints that I knew my friend would enjoy.
 I framed them with frames I purchased at Kohls. I love how they turned out, and so did my friend.

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