Thursday, November 13, 2014


Greetings! I thought that today would be a great day for some ramblings. This is what is going on and on my mind this morning.
*Peachy had a few days off of school at the end of October. So did my niece and nephews across the state. We loaded up the car and drove the three hours to see them. My kids ADORE their older cousins and it is well placed adoration. Even though there is an age gap (my nephews are 11 and 10 and my niece is 8.5) they are so thoughtful and attentive to their cousins. It helps that they also love to create and explore. Two things right up my kids' alley. We spent the days hanging out while their parents were at work. On Halloween we did projects, made caramel corn, watched a movie, and finished up with trick or treating. We are so excited that we live close enough for great experiences like this now.
One of my nephews mentioned that he had read the book Swiss Family Robinson and would like to see the movie. I checked on Netflix and we were in luck. They helped Cream cover her head during the scary parts.

One project involved making pumpkins out of egg cartons. The great thing about older kids is that you give them the idea and they take it from there.

I won the cool aunt award for letting them eat caramel corn straight off the cooling paper for lunch.
*Peachy lost her first tooth a couple of weeks ago. It was getting pretty wiggly and she got it out herself one day while sitting on the couch. The new one is already all the way through and she has another loose one next door. Her smile will sure look different when those big teeth come in.
*This little guy is having a rough go of it lately. He has gotten the stomach flu and a cold and is working on his upper teeth. All of these things are making it hard to get him to go to sleep and stay asleep. Poor guy. He is however a rolling machine these days, no crawling yet, but still very mobile.
*The Mr was out of town for business last week so I tackled the disaster toy area. It is much better now. I have a few more little things I want to do and then I will share the results. Unfortunately I couldn't find any fun thrifted items, so I ended up with this storage cube, but it works well and looks nice.

*I am having a blast creating again. I really just need that as a part of my life. The ideas have been flowing fast lately. Faster than I have time. But I am still getting some of creativity on. I will be opening the Etsy shop again today or tomorrow. I am just waiting for the right conditions to photograph.

*I joined a detox eating group and am on my last few days. I will share more next week, but it is going very well. I am amazed at the results and plan on continuing in a modified form. Amazing how changing your body fuel changes your everything!

*It took a severe turn toward winter here. Remember that light dusting I spoke of on Monday? Well we got more overnight and Peachy ended up having the day off. Then today on the way to school it was COLD! Time to haul out the lined leggings for sure.

I started typing this in the morning and it is now 4 pm. No wonder I find it hard to blog anymore! Hope your weeks are all going well! Take care, friends.

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