Tuesday, December 16, 2014

O Christmas Tree!

For some reason this year, I am slow to decorate the house for Christmas. Maybe it is the fact that it is a new house and I am not sure where to put things. Lets face it, we really don't have much in the way of non holiday decorations up, so why add much for Christmas? We did get the tree and ornaments out in addition to our manger scene and the kids multiple manger scenes. I also attempted to hang the stockings. Lets just say that you should follow the directions when using Command Strips. Ha!

Anyway, I decided to let the girls decorate the tree on their own this year. I gave them some direction, but they mostly did it on their own. Our tree won't be gracing any magazine covers, but they love it and so do I. The joy of Christmas is still very fresh in our kids. Why not let them enjoy it?
Shortcake loved looking on as the girls worked. I have a great video of him seeing the tree after I had put it together. Maybe I will post it tomorrow.

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