Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Sugar Detox Diet Rundown

So, remember when I promised I would share the results of my 2 week sugar detox? The time is now!! I had been hearing about this detox from Marta of Four Fit Sisters here and there for a while now. And frankly it didn't sound like something I could do. Cutting out sugar for two weeks is a scary thought. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I needed to do something to force a change in my eating habits. While weight really hasn't been much of an issue for me, thank you good genes, that doesn't mean that I was being healthy. As a stay at home mom, I found that I would often end up eating treats to get me through the slums of the day. Crabby morning? Better have some extra carbs with my coffee. Tired int he afternoon? Better sit down with a bag of sweet treats. Hard day and now the kids are all in bed? Better have some wine and snack. And while these on occasion may not be a big deal, they all add up. So, I did it! I signed up for Marta's 2 week sugar detox. As it turned out, this wasn't just a sugar detox. It was also gluten and dairy. Yikes! But you guys, I did it! I made it the two weeks with only a few slip ups. And you know what? I felt wonderful. Marta likes to say that you wouldn't put sugar into your gas tank on your vehicle and expect it to run, so why do we do it with our bodies?

Marta is offering one last sugar detox for the year starting next week Monday. Here is a link of where you can sign up. Marta offers great support and ideas throughout the detox and participating in a group was very helpful to me. And the support doesn't end with the sugar detox. The Four Fit Sisters website, Instagram feed, and Facebook site offer lots of great health and fitness ideas and support.

I am not still following the detox diet, but I am giving a lot more thought into what I put into my body and what I prepare for my family.
I am not receiving any compensation for this post. Just wanted to share a good thing with you, friends.

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  1. Good for you! This is REALLY hard to do (especially around the holidays) so I admire your passion and motivation to follow through with it!