Monday, February 2, 2015

Peachy's Sewing Machine {Sewing Machine for Children}

The proud birthday girl with grandma and Purple Thunder.

I just realized that I haven't really written a post about the sewing machine that Peachy received for her birthday, a Janome Half Sized Portable Machine called Purple Thunder, in May. She has put it through its paces, and now the time has come for a complete review.

We had bought Peachy a simple toy chain stitch machine for her fourth birthday knowing full well that it wouldn't really be useful. And we were right. That machine caused more frustration for all of us than the cheap price tag was worth. And as she wanted to do more and more sewing projects, I was more and more eager to get her a machine that really worked. (In other words, I was wanting my machine back for myself.) Now, I know that four or five years is young for a sewing machine, but I  knew my Peachy and knew that she could handle it.

My mom and I had discussed getting her a sewing machine that actually worked, but hadn't decided on anything. Then, one day, my mom read a blog post about the Janome Half Size machine. It isn't necessarily marketed to be a child's sewing machine, but the blog she had read said that her child was able to use it safely.

So, we ordered up a Janome Purple Thunder from Overstock. (The color was a bonus for Miss Peachy.) The machine is a good size for a child. The settings are also simple to use with eight stitches between straight and zigzag. The way the foot is made keeps little fingers from being sewn over. So far, Peachy's machine has handled all that she has thrown at it, including sewing through many layers.
The only feature I wish it would have would be a light, but that might only be to help my aging eyes. Also, the machine is a bit louder than my own machine. However, for the $70 price point, this machine is hard to beat.
I am also amazed at what this little lady is capable of doing. The fearlessness of a five year old combined with someone who has grown up watching someone sew is pretty amazing. She just sits down and starts sewing. The seams may not always be straight, but the creative joy is always there.

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