Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Day in the Life: Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I always find Day in the Life of posts interesting. I like to see how other people spend their days. (Call my a Nosy Nelly.) I have also found that I enjoy looking back on the few that I have written in the past. We tend to remember the really big days, but the day-to-day seems to get lost in the memory jumble. So, I set out to take some pictures of our day on Tuesday this week.

-My day started around 6 with Mr Shortcake. (Well, in truth it started in the wee hours with a little feeding time with the afore mentioned 11 month old. He is still waking at night and the best way to calm him back to sleep is a feeding. Thankfully it is once a night and he does settle right back to sleep.)

-While I play in the living room with our little man, Mr Cherry gets up and gets ready for work. He usually leaves somewhere between 7 and 7:30. I go into the kitchen and get a lunch packed for him and send him on his way.

-This morning I also make the kids a hot breakfast. We are normally a cereal or toast kind of family, but I had seen a baked oatmeal recipe I had wanted to try, so I got to work on that.

-The girls wake up after Mr, Cherry leaves. (We have a rule that they need to sleep until 7. That way they aren't in a hurry to get out of bed when they still need sleep. They are pretty good at staying in their room until then.)

-We eat breakfast together and finish getting ready to get out the door by 8:30 to get Peachy to kindergarten. I like that her school starts a little later. It helps our mornings be a little more relaxed. However, it is still a hard time to get all three kids ready and out the door. Usually by this point we are already involved in something and need to stop in order to leave. Cream has the hardest time getting ready to go. I often have to remind her that I will put her in the van in whatever state she is in. This is a hard part of my day that can easily end in frustration and yelling. Not good.

-We drop Peachy off and Shortcake falls asleep on the way home. I successfully transfer him to the crib for his morning nap. Cream and I get some one-on-one time. Today she chooses to play a Disney Cupcake game.
-When Shortcake wakes up around 10, I decide to check out the area thrift shop before picking up Peachy. Before heading out, I give Cream and Shortcake a snack, throw in a load on laundry, and load up the van. At the thrift store I get some clothing to make into up-cycled animals for my Etsy shop and we get a few other things for our family.
-We get to Peachy's school a little early and finish our snack in the van in the parking lot. Peachy comes out just before noon and we head home. The girls decide that they would like to play a new game we picked up at the thrift store before lunch. I got Cranium Hullabaloo for $5! Great winter score!!
-We eat some lunch. Peachy decides she isn't really hungry which is unusual for her. (It is a sign of things to come.)
-While Shortcake naps I sometimes have the girls rest. One in their room and one in mine for a quiet time. I go and lay with Cream today in my bad and she actually takes a nap. Woohoo! Peachy stays in her room until three and we do some reading together. When Cream wakes up she is a bit sleepy yet and Peachy is a bit too, so I put on some Netflix.
-After some TV time the girls play while I start dinner prep. We have to go and buy some dishwasher tabs. Peachy isn't happy about this. She doesn't like going anywhere after school. We quick run and get the tabs and she crabs the entire time. When we get home I send her to her room until she can be nice. She ends up falling asleep.
-I finish making supper, soup, and go and wake Peachy up. It turns out she has a fever. That explains a lot. I give her some ibuprofen and she eats some supper which helps a ton.
-After we have eaten, I tell the girls that they should get ready for bed and we will have a pajama party. This is something we do that just means they get ready for bed and then stay up for a bit. But they call it a party! Ha!
-We settle in to watch some Property Brothers. (My choice!) Mr. Cherry gets home and eats his soup in the living room with us. By this point I am not feeling all that great. Oh lovely germs!
-We get the kids down for the night, but since Cream napped she won't go to sleep or lay quietly! Grr. We take turns going into her room and getting her to quiet down while we stream White Collar.
-Early bedtime for the parents tonight as well, 9:30. We are not night owls in this house.


  1. I love these posts, Kristi! And our days are so very similar. Such is life with three littles, huh? Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. Very fun to read! Hope you and the little one are feeling better too. Love that you have them watching Property Brothers!