Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Chalkboard Calendar

Mr. Cherry and I make use of our phones and Google calendar to keep up with our daily appointments, meetings, and tasks. We love that they sink to each other and that we can access them on our phones, tablets, or computers. However, there is something about a physical calendar. I do make use of a planner, but the girls are getting to the point that they like to know what our days hold. I decided it was time to make a family calendar that everyone in the family could see and anticipate what is coming up in our month. 

We have had a framed chalkboard in our house for several years now that I use to write seasonal messages on. I decided that it would make an excellent family calendar. After a thorough cleaning, I used a ruler and white paint marker to make the boxes and write the days of the week at the top. I then used chalk markers to write in the month, numbers, and also the events for our month.

I hung the chalkboard in the dining room and am loving it. The girls often look at it while we eat and talk about upcoming and passed events. It works well to look ahead at how long it is until a certain special day. The only drawback is that I no longer have my chalkboard to decorate. (I am working on a solution for that, though.)

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