Thursday, August 27, 2015

First Day of School

This was the week. I sent Miss Peachy off to her first day of first grade, also her first full day of school, yesterday. And today was Cream's first day of four year old preschool. (Ironically, she doesn't turn four until this weekend.)

Yesterday was much more of an emotional day for me than I would have guessed. How on earth did our baby turn into a six year old first grader already?! Knowing that Peachy would be spending seven waking hours five days a week away from our house hit me hard. It will be great for her. She loves to learn and was so excited to be going into first grade where she would have more learning time.

And I know that the rest of us will adjust to the new schedule soon as well. I think that saying good bye to our carefree summer days is part of my struggle. There is nothing I like better than taking our time getting ready in the morning. Letting the kids play together in their pajamas. Just being together without having to rush around. Ah, the days are fleeting.

And Miss Cream is entering the world of school, too. She will be attending the same school as her sister three mornings a week. You may recall that we didn't send Peachy to preschool at all. It was what worked for her and our family at the time. I really struggled with the decision on whether to send Cream or not. In the end, I think that it boiled down to guilt. I think that I felt that I was pushing her out of the house, hurrying her growing up. However, in the end I let that go and realized that she would enjoy preschool and benefit from it. And frankly, I would benefit from her attending. I also told myself that if it isn't working out we can always keep her home and try again next year.

So, three mornings a week I have Mr. Shortcake to myself. I really am looking forward to being able to run errands with only one child in tow. (One child who can ride in the cart! And who doesn't ask to look at toys!) I am not sure that having one child at home will actually give me more free time. After all, two of Shortcake's best toys are gone now! But I think we will enjoy our time together and the girls will enjoy their time together and appreciate all being home together more as well.

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