Thursday, January 28, 2016

Our Arizona Trip

Yay for Grandma Girl! I don't know how moms fly on their own!

Waaaay back in the end of October my mom and I took the kids to Arizona. We were able to visit my one sister and her husband and my other sister flew in from California!! We had a blast! It was so good to all be together. (It has been three years since I saw one sister as she has been living overseas.)
Waiting for the rental car. You would think we had been there for hours!
My mother met us at the airport that just happens to be in the middle of our two homes. We had a straight flight, which was awesome with kids. The flight went well and then we rented a van at the airport where we met up with my sister when she landed.
Yay for Aunties!!

We filled our time with trips to the zoo, science museum, and even drove up into the mountains. Since we flew out on Halloween we brought the kids costumes and attended a story time at the library my sister works at. (She even was the librarian running the story time!)
Helping us navigate at the zoo. He loved the monkeys!

Our return flight was smooth as well. We landed on time, but it was after 10 pm and we still had to drive home. All three kids fell asleep and slept the entire hour and a half home! The next day I was totally wiped out, but it was a Sunday, so we all just chilled at home.
Walking in the snow in Arizona!

One of the best parts of the trip was my sister announcing that they are expecting their first baby in May!!! I also got to share the news of our baby with my sisters.
My three gnomes all dressed up to go to Halloween story time.

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