Monday, January 18, 2016

Our Family Is Growing!

My highly photoshopped attempt at an announcement with the three kiddos.

As I mentioned in my last post, there were some pretty wonderful things that happened that when I wasn't blogging. The most extraordinary being, we are expecting baby #4 at the end of May. It is so, so exciting to think of a new little one joining our family!! Being that we have seen the babe on the ultrasound screen and I can now feel the movements, it is starting to feel more and more real. We told the kids by giving them a baby book and asking if they would like it if we had another. Peachy and Cream are pretty excited. Shortcake is living in sweet denial. :o) 
Our announcement in Facebook.

So far everything has been going well. (Which we are so thankful for.) I am so much more tired this time around. I think we can blame keeping up with the other three and my "advanced maternal age." Ha! We are at a new clinic and hospital because of our move, so I am learning the ropes there. I have decided to see the midwives at our clinic. I am enjoying the midwife experience so far, although I have only been to them two times now.

Shortcake looking at the baby book we used to tell the kids about their new sibling.
We really are amazed at God's goodness in allowing us to experience the joy of adding one more child to our family!
And just for fun, here are the other three's ultrasound pictures.

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  1. So many excited good feelings on your wonderful news. Congratulations!