Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Shortcake: Two Years Old

A couple of weeks ago, our little man, turned two years old. It is amazing to think that just two short years ago our family added our first son. While he is definitely a boy, he is as sweet and laid-back as they come.

**Although lately he has been throwing mini-fits. (Truth be told, they are 95% cute and 5% naughty.) And when he launches into one all we have to do is tell him to go to his room. He instantly stops scream/yelling and does his cute little run right to his room. After a few moments, he reemerges and says, "All done." And that is that. If only that little plan would continue to work in the coming years.**

He takes after his sisters and has a great vocabulary. There is just something so endearing about hearing his little voice explain the way he sees the world. And there is nothing sweeter than hearing him call for his sisters. While Peachy is growing in favor, Cream is his favorite playmate for sure. He loves nothing more than being included in all they do.

He is my first child to go to any sort of babysitter on a regular basis. When I need the alone time to get work done, I take him to a friend's house one day a week. He gets to hang out with two other little boys there. It is cute to hear him talking about his friends.

He has a love for all things that go, which was fully encouraged through his Christmas and birthday gifts.

He is still our little squirt, living up to his nickname, Shortcake, weighing and measuring in at the 20th percentile.
We were able to celebrate his birthday with a houseful of family. It wasn't a super themed party, but what is lacked in decor was made for with love.
I can't imagine what our life would be like without our Shortcake. I am blessed to have him call me momma!

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