Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stamp Carving

There is an awesome little store in town. They actually started from the indie craft fair that I participated in this last February and also in 2011. They carry lots of awesome handmade goodness from local artists. It is one of the first places I like to shop when looking for a present. In addition to the store, they also offer lots of neat classes. I recently participated in one on rubber stamp carving. This particular class was aimed at small business owners and carving their logo. I have always wanted to try stamp carving and signed right up for the class. I choose to carve a stamp to use for my Etsy store, kiki b omi designs. It was fun to chat with everyone there about their businesses and logos.

I am sure there are lots of great tutorials out there for stamp carving, so I won't get into lots of details. We colored over our image with a soft lead pencil and then rubbed that onto our rubber pad. Then we used a Speed Ball lino cutter to carve out our image. After carving we mounted our rubber image onto a wood block with contact cement. It really wasn't all that complicated of a project. I actually found it very relaxing. And I can see how the more you do it, the better you would get at it. I can't wait to try some other projects now that I know the basics.

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