Thursday, October 31, 2013

Some Russian Matryoshka Costumes

I got the idea off of Pinterest to make the girls Matryoshka, aka Russian nesing doll, costumes for Halloween this year. I followed the tutorial at The Train To Crazy. But I also found inspiration at Crooked Sister and Petit Joy. Of course I couldn't let our little Shortcake out of the action, so I added a small Matryoshka to the belly of a shirt for myself.
I used some fleece that I had in my stash for the girls' main part of the costume.
Then I added felt embellishments along with some big eyelet lace. The face holes I cut ended up being a bit too big, so  I added some elastic around them to cinch them up.
Happy Halloween!!
(I am hoping that we can get some better shots of the costumes today, tomorrow, or Saturday. These two are hard to capture!)

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