Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shortcake: Eight Months Old

My little man is no longer a little baby. Sigh. They always end up growing up on you, don't they.

 While he is still as sweet as they come, he is more interested in sitting up than snuggling in. Gone are the days of him sitting contentedly on my lap. Now he wants to be moving and shaking and taking on the world.
While he has yet to learn to crawl he manages to get around through rolling and stretching. He is like a little inch worm arching and stretching as far as his body will allow. He still loves to eat. The minute he is even near the highchair he expects food to be in his mouth.
He is also discovering preferences in the food that he eats. He would much rather have green beans to peas and pureed prunes to mixed vegetables.
And boy does he love his sisters. (And tolerates them rather well when they choose to smother him.)

And we are to the stage where everything goes into the mouth. No small piece of debris is safe.
Oh how we love this little man. (Even if he growing up way too quickly.)

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