Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend in the Rearview

My favorite farmer's market find. And this huge bouquet only cost $5!!

We are settling in. I have come to realize that I am a sprinter and this is a marathon. I just want to get all of the house projects done and I want them done sooner than later. I really should still be working on organizing and doing some unpacking, but I have already started a couple of projects. I am justifying it by the fact that I need a sewing room. (I have my priorities, you know.) This weekend I finished the wallpaper removal in the dinning room and got the first coat of paint on the walls. I will be sharing an update soon.
The start of the painting
The kids and I went to the closest IKEA after school on Friday. While I didn't really get anything big, I did lots of browsing and list making. I will have to update on that as well. We also hit up Trader Joe's while we were in the big city. Wow! It is a pumpkin explosion in there right now and I did my best to bring it all home.
I can't stop thinking about these school house lights from the sale. We would have to re-do all of our lighting to get them in the house, but I would totally do it! Love them!

I also got to go to the farmer's market in town and an occasional antique/junque sale. I am having a good time exploring our new area and finding fun events.
Mr. Cherry got the garage organized enough to fit both vehicles in. Just in time to avoid scrapping windows.

I have also been spending way too much time on Pinterest being inspired. It is so much easier to create and decorate rooms on line than in real life. HA!

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