Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Spring In Our Step

Oh boy, you guys, last week was a loooonnggg week. Someone at church used the term, Easter hangover, and I am totally stealing that. We had such a wonderful long Easter weekend and then we returned to routine and it was rough. The kids were challenging me and I just didn't have the energy to deal with it in a nice, calm manor. Cream was laying low at the beginning of the week and by the end all of the kids had colds. Yuck! But, enough with the negative. We made it through and this week has been so much better. 
We didn't get any pictures on Easter weekend of our family. Peachy had an Easter concert at her school on Tuesday, so I tried to get a few pictures of the kids then. Most looked like this:

This is the best I got of all three.
I did get a few of the girls.

We celebrated my birthday on Sunday. Peachy, my perpetual party planner, wanted to go big. I told her, she just needed to be a obedient listener for the day. She admitted that would be really hard. Ha! We didn't do much, but when you are, ahem, thirty something, that is a-okay! 

We went to church and went out to fast food for lunch. Then the girls and I went to the local figure skating club's annual show. We picked up the best ever DQ ice cream cake and each ate a big piece for supper. A great way to celebrate, really.

The weather this weekend was very spring-like! And today is even better. That is a huge game changer for me. The gorgeous days and being outside make life so, so, so much happier. Today I went for a walk with Cream and Shortcake in the morning and then again with all three after lunch. I may not have gotten much else done today, but that is a benefit of staying home full time. I can always fold laundry tomorrow.

I also picked up a pack of grapefruit shandy at Target the other day. (I love living in a state where you can buy alcohol where you normally shop.) It is so light and refreshing. Perfect for these warm days and sipping on the patio.

I am not the only one who is loving the nice weather. Shortcake can't get enough of being outside. Gone are the days of sitting nicely on a blanket or in the stroller. He wants to be off exploring. I am so afraid he is going to crack his head open this summer. Lets hope his guardian angels are working overtime.
I hope and pray that you all had a great Easter and are fully recovered and enjoying spring as well.

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