Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday: April 2015

I am a long time reader of Melissa's blog Larson Lingo and decided I would join in on her What's Up Wednesday for this month.
*What We're Eating This Week: I am trying to get myself and our entire family along with me back on the healthy eating bandwagon. Just adding in more fruits and vegetables in general and also more whole foods. Tonight I am making Zucchini & Vegetable Quesadillas from One Lovely Life.
Don't worry, I also made these Healthy Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Bars from Half Baked Harvest.

*What I'm Reminiscing About: I took on the major task of sorting through the kids too small and too warm clothing this week. It is always fun to look back on what they were wearing throughout the last year or so and how much they have grown and changed. (And oh my word, why do three children have this much clothing?!!! We are certainly blessed!)
*What I'm Loving: The weather this week is absolute perfection. This is why I endure the cold winter days. These perfect spring days with no humidity and no bugs. We have been living outside as much as possible.

*What We've Been Up To: See above!! I will have to share some pictures of what the backyard is looking like in spring. That is what really sold us on this house and it is charming me again!

*What I'm Dreading: I really am not dreading anything at the moment. Maybe the night time because the kids sleep has been awful lately.
*What I'm Working On: I just delivered another set of caddies and crayon rolls. I love how these red and black houndstooth ones turned out. The store found the wooden Wisconsin buttons and they match perfectly!
*What I'm Excited About: We are heading to my parents' this weekend. The college my father teaches at is doing a children's theater production of the Ugly Duckling. I am sure the girls will love it!
*What I'm Watching/Reading: You can catch up on my latest book selections here. I am so happy that Call the Midwife is Back! I usually don't watch it live since it is on at 7 here and it isn't exactly for children (or all husbands for that matter.)
*What I'm Listening Too: I love hearing all of the birds in our yard. The Red Wing Blackbird in particular makes me feel totally at peace.
*What I'm Wearing: I am actually participating in a Spring Clothing Challenge right now. It is really helping me get use out of my clothing and upping my outfit game everyday. I will have to post on this at some point. This is my outfit of the day for today.
*What I'm Doing This Weekend: See above!
*What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month: My Peachy is turning 6!!!
*What Else Is New: I am really getting back into working on our house. The ideas are percolating. Now it is just a matter of deciding what to tackle! Stay tuned!

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