Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Backyard Spring 2015

When we purchased our house, it was the end of summer/beginning of fall. We immediately both fell in love with the awesome yard and outdoor space.
There is a good sized front yard with two birch trees, but the true gem of the yard is the backyard. There is a nice lawn area around the house, but beyond that it is a little more wild and natural with bushes and trees and lots of other fun features.
I would love to talk with the previous owners and learn how they designed the yard and what it looked like when they were caring for it. Since that doesn't seem likely to happen, we will just have to see what comes up and decide what we want to do with it.
We are enjoying seeing what is coming up and deciding if it is a weed or plant. I went out and took some pictures a couple of weeks ago when the spring growth was really just starting. Since then, it has really greened up and grown. I will have to take some more pictures later to show the growth and change.
Mr. Cherry worked throughout the evenings of a week to prune and trim and just clean up after the fall and winter. He is still a bit overwhelmed with the work he could do back there. I leave that kind of yard work to him.
We have been loving spending time outside and enjoying the peace and calm our backyard offers. And we can't forget to mention the covered patio!! We have been enjoying as many meals as we can in the comfort of the shade with the added bonus of not needing to vacuum up after each meal!

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