Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Striding with Shortcake

Three months ago, at his first birthday, Shortcake wasn't even crawling on hands and knees, much less cruising the furniture. All of my kiddos are late walkers and I am really okay with that. Right around his birthday, however, he did figure out how to get to a sitting position on his own. The crawling on hands and knees followed that. 

Then he started to pull up on things. He was getting very proficient at cruising, but was still not confident enough to take any steps. Even if I stood right in front of him, he would go from standing to crawling to reach me. The next step was to stand up in the middle of a room without holding on to anything, but still no steps. Around two weeks ago, he took his first few tentative steps. 

He continued to build confidence and is full out walking! He started with his arms up in the air for better balance. Now he just holds on to his pants while he walks around. (Or whatever else he can find to hold on to and walk.) It is such fun to see him taking off after his sisters with a smile on his face.

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  1. Such a big guy now! He's gonna have so much fun playing with his sisters! (although much more of a handful for you!)