Sunday, May 31, 2015

Peachy's Kindergarten Graduation

Friday was Peachy's last day of kindergarten. We not only survived her first year of school, but she thrived and we loved seeing her grow and learn.

The school did a small program for the kindergarteners in the school gym and followed it with the closing service for the entire school. She was pretty excited about her "congraduation." She was very blessed in that both sets of grandparents were able to make it in addition to one aunt.

I have to admit to getting choked up a few times during the day. I wasn't so sad to see my little girl growing up, but more overwhelmed by the wonderful year she had. She easily made the transition to attending school all while dealing with moving to a new home in a new state.

She quickly made friends and really grew so much over the last nine months. Her teacher was so so so awesome.

She had a bigger class of 19 kiddos and on the last day when I was thanking her teacher she was sad that they were all moving on.

We are all looking forward to summer break, but Peachy is already excited to be attending first grade next fall.

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  1. Oh wow! How is she so big already? I can't believe she's going into 1st grade!