Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Tale of Home Improvements

My parents came to visit for a few days a couple of weekends ago. They made us promise that we would put them to work. So, we started a list of different home projects we wanted to tackle. The list included the mundane, like cleaning the windows, and the more exciting, like adding some embellishments to curtains. Well, we got the windows cleaned, the screens in, and the curtains done and hung. However, the big item on my list is still a work in project. Isn't that the way that these quick home improvement projects often turn out.

We did get the textured wallpaper off the walls, but we were left with adhesive that didn't want to go anywhere. We think that the paper was original to the house and was put up on top of unfinished drywall. The best way we found to remove the residue was to scrape it with a razor blade. My quick project quickly turned into a big project for the mister. He got the adhesive off, but is now in the process mudding and sanding the walls. We will most likely have to take on the world of texturing too before I can get pain on the walls. 

So, for now if you come to visit, please knock loudly and come on around back. The front entry is temporarily out of order.


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