Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shortcake: Four Months Old

Our little man is now four months old. He is still such a happy little guy who pretty much just goes with the flow. He loves to smile at people and will talk and talk and talk. He is also starting to gain eye-hand coordination. Of course everything that he can grab into goes right into his mouth. He has turned into a drool machine. If we don't have a bib on him his outfit is soaked within the hour. He loves to be outside and just looks all around. We still swaddle him for sleeping, but he can pretty much get out of any swaddle we do. It just helps to keep his hands from taking his paci out while he is falling asleep. He loves his paci just as much as his sisters. He still eats about every three hours. And while he will take a bottle, he much prefers to get it straight from momma. Since we have done some traveling lately, it is interesting to see him react to new situations and experiences. He is usually comfortable anywhere, but sometimes is a bit leery if it is new to him. Sleep is still pretty good. Most nights he will wake up to eat once. Some nights he needs a bit more attention. His naps are consolidating a bit where he will take less longer naps especially on days we are busy in the morning and he doesn't get a good one then. His hair is rally coming in blonde. It is funny as the dark is still there. It is almost ombre hair. And his eyes are staying blue at the moment.
At his four month appointment he was 24.5 inches (25%) and 15 lbs 10 oz (56%).
Peachy at 4 months
Cream at 4 months

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