Thursday, August 28, 2014

Birthday Party at the Park

This Saturday Cream will be turning three! I decided to throw her a party with her friends before our move. Since we have a lot going on right now, I also decided to keep it simple. I picked a local park for the venue and it all worked out perfectly.
I ordered this photo invitation from Wal Greens:
Obviously I inserted a picture of Cream.
I had some snacks out and also provided decorate your own cupcakes with canned frosting a sprinkles. These were a big hit.
There was lots of knife licking and sprinkle tasting going on.
The birthday girl enjoyed her cupcake with a large side of frosting topped with lots of colored sugar sprinkles.
I had a little bag for each of the attendees filled with sidewalk chalk and bubbles for them to use at the park.
For favors we gave everyone a decorated frame in a bag that said, "Thanks for making me smile." I tried to nab a picture of the girls with each of their friends to be given to the attendees and put int he frames, but even with the bribe of cupcakes that wasn't an easy task.
The weather was perfect for just hanging out and enjoying playtime at the park, so after the cupcakes we hit the playground to run off some of the sugar high. Having the party at the park worked out perfectly. I didn't have to clean a house before or after the party and the kids loved the space to run and play and do their thing.

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