Monday, August 25, 2014

Shortcake: Six Months Old

Hi Mom!

Here we are, half a year! The time has simply flown by!! Our little man is mastering the arts of sitting up unassisted and rolling from back to front. (And after he rolls he gets mad that he can't get from front to back. Just like his sisters.)
We are still working on solids. He will try them, but would much rather get his food from other sources. Sweet boy.
Mr Happy

Shortcake is getting more and more interested in playing with toys and using his hands to get what he wants. Watch out when you are holding him and trying to get anything done, like eating.
We stopped swaddling this month and it went pretty well after the first night. Now he just sleeps in a sleep sack and snuggles a blankie.
Getting so big!

Unfortunately this month has also brought TWO colds. Not fun, but he handles them like a champ.
And one of my favorites for the month are the kisses he gives. If you ask for a kiss and give him your cheek,, he will happily bestow a slobber. Although he prefers giving them to momma, daddy is too prickly.
We love our little man. He is such a blessing to our family and loved by all.
And we have reached the point of pictures getting difficult. (Note the chewed on sticker and the interest in the props.)

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