Thursday, March 19, 2015


A completely random update on what we've been filling our days with lately.
*We enjoyed our traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner on Tuesday. Peachy wanted to know if that is what the leprechauns eat.
*We also doned green for the day. There was a mad scramble to see what the girls could find that would fir the bill that morning. Cream had a green shirt and green pants and green undies. (Until she had an accident and spilled her green milk. So much for the luck of the Irish.)
*We have pictures scheduled for Saturday morning. (What was I thinking when I scheduled them for Saturday at 9???) Here is what the kids are wearing, except Shortcake will only be wearing one peair of pants. I am trying to decide which.
*This was taken about a week and a half ago. The snow is all melted now, but those first tastes of spring were awesome. I really love living somewhere were we get to experience that changes of the seasons.
*Mr. Cherry took the scissors to Shortcake's hair for a real haircut. I wasn't sure at first, but now I love it. He is very cute with shorter hair. But he does look much older! It must feel different because he keeps playing with it now that it is cut.
*I went away for a retreat last weekend. It was awesome, but coming back to reality was rough. Thankfully last night everyone slept through the night. The day to day is so much more manageable when you have a solid night of sleep. Hats off to Mr. Cherry for allowing me to escape and managing the young ones again. Maybe next time we can both escape together.

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