Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shortcake: 12 Months

This post is a month overdue, but I had to do one last monthly post on our little man. He has really grown up a lot even in the last month!! He is much more motivated to stand now, will sit up on his own, and also had started to do some crawling on hands and knees.

He definitely will say bye-bye and uh-oh unprompted. And we do think that there are mamas and dadas in there as well. So instead of having one first word, we will go with four! We also catch him doing some signing. Most often when he is done eating and wants out of the high chair.

He also points all the time which is totally fun. I love seeing what they are interested in. He loves to look out of the windows and see the backyard. We have a bird feeder that he keeps an eye on.
He loves being around his sisters and getting in on the action. (This isn't always met with their approval. Peachy often tells me to put him in his bouncer so he doesn't get into what they are playing with.)

Right after he turned one, I left town for a long weekend and he did just fine with daddy. I was a little worried because we still hadn't done complete night weaning. However, he slept better for dad than he does when I am around. So, yeah, the sleep thing still needs some work.

He is alternating between one and two naps. Unfortunately our schedule means that we need to be out picking Peachy up around noon, so there are days he falls asleep in his carseat. I often can transfer him, but I try to either put him down so he can nap before we leave or try to keep him up until we are home. Thankfully he is pretty flexible and this seems to work.

I really can't believe that my baby is already one!! There are days that I miss that baby stage, but then there are other days that I am happy we are moving on to more independence and less reliance on momma. However, everyday we are all blessed to have this little man in our family! He is a true joy!

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