Monday, July 6, 2015

Children's Pictures--June, 2015

The picture before this is hillarious. The girls look great, but Shortcake has this puzzled look on his face. Good thing he figured it all out quickly.

While we were back in our old stomping grounds at the beginning of the summer, I had my good friend and photographer do a photo session with the kids. 
Our beautiful and spunky Cream.

It was so nice to be able to have Tina take our pictures again. 
She is as beautiful as she is creative and crazy!

They turned out beautifully, well, except for a certain awkward six year old in a few of them. 
This one is my favorite! I can't wait to get a big print or canvass made of it.

(She comes by it honestly.) 
Another favorite!

I just love these kiddos. 
Sister attack!! He gets those a lot!

They are each so unique! 
The perfect action shot of our happy little man.

And, in my humble opinion, not all that hard on the eyes, either!


  1. Love it! It was so good to see you guys when you were back!

  2. How adorable! They're just getting so big! :)