Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life At KBO

Seriously, this has been such a quick summer, you guys! I can't believe that we are almost to August. Peachy and Cream keep reminding me how quickly school is starting. Eeek. A friend recently said that it feels like they just got into the swing of summer and now we have to start thinking about getting into the school routine.
Peachy took swimming lessons this month. She did a good job, but did not get promoted. She needs to work on her strokes. I am still proud of how far she has come. I can't decide if I want to sign up for a fall session or not. I guess we will see when the schedule comes out.
The girls each finished their reading program and received ice cream coupons, so of course we had to use them.
We met up with my parents one day and did some shopping in the big city. We went to two shops that I sell my products at. I splurged on these adorable sleep masks from Stitch Lab
We have been doing some exploring in the area. There is something so fun about learning about the area and world with these guys. Whether it is seeing turtles sunning on rocks in the river or a huge green caterpillar, it is so much better when shared with my kiddos.
All of a sudden, Mr. Shortcake has grown. He is bigger and acts bigger too. This is such a fun stage. He is full of curiosity and learning new things everyday.
These days can seem long and overwhelming, but they are the days, my friends. The days when we are completely together. We aren't running in different directions, each with our own agenda for the day. I love my little tribe!

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