Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Fourth--2015

I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth weekend. (If you are in the US, that is.) Mr. Cherry had off Thursday and Friday in addition to the weekend, so it was a nice long break for us. Today is back to reality with Mr. Cherry not only back to work, but off on a work trip. It is also a rainy day here right now, so we are chilling out in the house. Thankfully the girls are involved in an elaborate game of pretend after a rocky start and Shortcake is taking a nice long nap. I am using my day to catch up on things and clean up the house.

The girls and I made a few projects over the weekend including paper windsocks and ribbon wands. Unfortunately the windsocks are now drenched as we hung them outside and their wands are now de-ribboned thanks to some scissor skills.

I loved seeing the difference between this year's Fourth picture and last year's here. What a difference a year makes!! Kids who have grown up and even a new front step to sit on.
Hope you are all getting over your holiday weekend hangovers. Hugs!

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