Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Photodump

Happy last day of April. Hard to believe that tomorrow is already May. (Which happens to be Peachy's birth month, so someone is pretty excited!) Nothing too big around these parts. Just trying to be patient and wait for warmer nicer weather to arrive. The few nice days that we have had have been awesome! This week has been pretty rainy, so lots of inside time.
Cream being Cream.
These two usually get some play time together while Cream takes her nap.
Peachy picked out both of their outfits on this particular afternoon.
This kid can make some great faces. The eyebrow furrow is heavily featured.
You can almost see the wheels turning.


  1. I've been telling you your girls are beautiful for years but now let me tell you, oh, that little man is so handsome! Love him and you!

  2. The pic of them holding hands is precious! :)