Monday, April 28, 2014

Great Children's Books

We are blessed to have several outstanding libraries to choose from in our area. (And since we live in a border town, we have two library systems!) I like to take the kids to the downtown library that was completely rebuilt about 5 years ago. The children's area there is awesome with lots of great books to look through and bring home. I try to steer the girls in a good direction when selecting books, but we don't always end up with my favorites. However, the last time that we went we found six excellent books, three of which I am really loving reading (and looking at the totally awesome illustrations) again and again! (Which if you have children, you know you have to do with library books!)

This sweet story talks all about how much fun it would be to be different animals, but only for a day, because in the end you would want to be yourself. The story is great, but I really love the illustrations! Each picture has a great retro feel with fun details.

This is a quirky fun story about a parrot names Pepi. Again, Laura's illustrations totally make the book. The mod designs and details are so much fun to look at. You find something new each time.

Laura uses one continuous line to draw large portions of the pictures throughout the book. She also uses fun patterns to accent each page. As an added bonus, every other pages includes some eye spy sort of questions.

What about you, have you found any good children's reads lately? What are some favorites in your house?

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  1. I love this post. Even if my kids are older than these authors target audience I may have to check them out.