Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shortcake's DIY Birth Announcements

When Mr. Shortcake arrived I was on the hunt for a birth announcement to send out. With Peachy I made a more elaborate paper announcement with a picture added in. I went a more simple route with Cream and designed an digital announcement that I printed out as 4x6 pictures.
Shortcake's announcements were somewhere in the middle, some DIY, but nothing too complicated. I found the idea on the blog Be different Act Normal. I used two of the pictures from Shortcake's hospital shoot and slid them into the glassine bag back to back. I tried printing directly onto the bags, but the ink smeared, so I ended up purchasing clear labels to print on and put on the front of the glassine. I used washi tape to seal the envelopes and I was done. I really like how they turned out, minus the fact that I put the wrong month for his birthday. Ooops!

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