Monday, April 7, 2014

Fun Modern DIY Oneises for Boys

When Mr. Shortcake came along, I knew I wanted to make some new fab onesies for him to enjoy. (Okay, lets face it, really for me to enjoy.) I had seen the untied bow tie and the aviators several times and always liked them.
He is obviously less than thrilled with the look of the untied bow tie.
When I spotted the mustache bonjour in my Pinterest feed, I fell in love and I added it to the que. These onesies were a quick afternoon project using my Silhouette to cut freezer paper stencils. (There are lots of great tutorials out there if you do a quick search.) To make the untied bow tie and the aviators I searched for the images on the internet and imported them into the Silhouette Design software.
The Bonjour Mustache gets a much better review.
I had never used the trace method before, but it was quick and easy. I purchased the mustache file from the Silhouette store. And also used the purchased font lw sunshine. After cutting the freezer paper and ironing it onto the onesies, I used fabric paint to make the images. Super easy and super fun! I like to think of them as his 007 Onesies, sophisticated with a side of danger.
But the aviators take top prize. Feeling cool!

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