Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finding Our Home

Here it is, our new home.
When we started looking for a home to purchase in our new location, we had certain qualifications in mind. We were getting a bit tired of our split level, so we wanted a rambler or two story home. We knew we wanted at least three bedrooms, but four would be better. We wanted a two plus car garage. We wanted to try to purchase a home close to the school Peachy is attending which is connected to the church we joined. We didn't necessarily want a house that had been updated by someone else. We were excited by the idea of making it our own rather than paying for someone else's work and taste. We loved our old neighborhood, but the fact that it was new construction meant that there wasn't much for mature yards. We
With those ideas in mind we looked through MLS listings that our realtor sent to us and narrowed the list down the ten houses we wanted to see. Since we would be coming from out of town, the realtor arranged for us to see them all in one day. It was a long day of looking at houses. A really long day, but in the end we had found a house to look at again the following day. While we got an offer accepted on that house, we ended up not getting it because of issues with the inspection.
So, it was back to looking at houses. This time we saw six houses in one evening. When we left this house I was thinking that I really liked it. So we scheduled a second showing for the following day and wrote up an offer on the spot.
By this point we realized we would not be able to meet all of our criteria in the price range we wanted to be in, but this house hit lots of them. It is a rambler, it had not been updated, it had three bedrooms and an unfinished basement to make a fourth, and it has a great yard with landscaping and mature trees. The location is about a ten minute drive from church and school, but it does lessen Mr. Cherry's commute time a bit. It has a two car garage, and Mr. Cherry was really hoping for some room for his projects, but again the unfinished basement should help.

I will share a home tour with you soon. There is lots of work to be done to make it our own, but that will be fun. (Right? Right?)

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