Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Home Tour

W ell, don't just stand there, come on in! I would love to show you our new home!! Please keep in mind that we are really excited about the house and its POTENTIAL! I really can't wait to make this house OUR home.
The entrance is through the doorway on the this picture. You are looking at the dining area. Don't you just love the wallpaper and curtains? (Can you see where I already started to peel the wallpaper off in the right corner of the picture?) And how about the pink carpet? (We are not even going to mention that it is carpet, in the only eating area of the house. I am taking bets on how long the carpet will last.)
The window in the dining area looks out to the front yard. That is the garage you see to the right.
After walking through the dining area you come to the kitchen. While the the cupboards are a bit outdated, they are in good shape and there is plenty of storage room. The flooring and appliances are also in decent condition.
I love the extra little counter space next to the fridge.
Through the kitchen is the garage entrance. The former owners also had moved their laundry to this area.
To the right of the last picture, is a half bath, which shall soon be known as the bathroom formally known as the duck stamp bathroom.
Quack! Quack!
And just to the right of the bathroom is a door leading to the . . .
COVERED PATIO! One of my favorite parts of the house!
The second entrance to the patio is through the sliding doors off of the living room.
I love the size of the living room and the huge bank of windows.
Down the hall from the living room is the full bath on the right. Flanking the bathroom door are two full-sized closets. 
We found out on our second showing of the house that there was no bathtub in the house. We figure since the previous owners were older, they replaced the tub with a shower for safety. We actually asked for money off of the price of the house in order to add a bathtub.
Just past the bathroom is the master bedroom. It only has one standard sized closet, but with the closets outside the bathroom, we figure we can manage. (We were spoiled with our large walk-in in our last house.)
Just around the corner from our bedroom is the second bedroom that we are using for the girls. (Yes, you are quite right, this is the second type of paneling you have seen. And yes, the curtains are gorgeous!)
The third bedroom is around the corner from the second and across the hall from the master. (Shortcake finally is getting a real room!)
The basement stairs are off of the garage entry area. 
As you can see, the basement is unfinished. We have big plans for this space.
We put our washer and dryer to the right of this picture where the homeowners originally had theirs. (And yes, that is a toilet sitting there in the corner.)
I saved one of my favorite parts for the end. The yard rocks! This is taken from under the patio.
The front is great as well. Oh, and as an extra bonus, the sellers left this great doll house that the original owner made for his granddaughters.
Add another project to the list!


  1. I love the bones of this place! Cannot wait to see how you make it into your home, good luck with the wallpaper stripping!!!

    1. Thank you, Emily. I alternate between really excited and overwhelmed. One project at a time.

  2. Hurray! This place has so much space and I can hear how excited you are to make it your own. Cna't wait to follow you along on your journey.

    Also - that YARD! Wow! And the covered patio! Such great features!

    1. Thanks, Kim. I know we have many hours of work ahead, but I will just channel my inner Woodward and get it done!