Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shortcake: Seven Months Old

This post is a little overdue. I was hoping I would be able to locate the blue frame I use in Shortcake's monthly pictures so I could take some pictures before I posted this. However, it is lost in the box abyss somewhere in our basement. So, I will just post it and hope to find the frame before he turns 8 months.

Mr. Shortcake is growing up! He is getting more and more active and busy. He loves to grab things and see what they feel like in his mouth. Time to make sure the house is baby proof. He also lets us know when he is upset at us for taking something away. Thankfully he can easily be distracted.
He sits up like a pro. He can even reach for something and sit back up again. And while he can roll both ways he hasn't discovered that he can use this skill to be mobile.

We have decided to forego the purees this go around and have been offering Shortcake more table food and finger foods. He just wasn't that interested in being spoon fed. This way he gets to feed himself and I don't have to make the time to sit and give him every bite. I am somewhat following Baby Led Weaning, but also making it our own. He loves feeding himself and I am amazed at what he will all eat.

He doesn't sleep through the night most nights, but most nights he is only up once. I find it funny how with Peachy this would have driven me crazy, but I really don't mind. Chalk it up to realizing that as a parent you cannot be in control of everything.
One cute story for the month. The girls were gone for around a week while we were moving.
The night they came back Shortcake was just so happy to see them! He kept on giggling and smiling at them. So sweet.
As I already mentioned in another post, the little man also received his first haircut this month and got his first two teeth. (The middle bottom two.)

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  1. 7 months? No way! Gosh, I thought time flew before, but that's just crazy! Being away from blogging recently, I feel like I missed so much! He's adorable!