Monday, September 22, 2014

Peachy Is In Kindergarten

This little girl grew up and went to kindergarten this fall. It was a bit of a crazy start since the beginning of school landed right smack in the middle of the moving craziness. She missed the first week. We stayed at a rental house so that she could attend the second week. And then she missed all of the third week except for Friday.

Celebrating her first day with mom and dad at McDonalds.
In true Peachy fashion, she made the most of the rocky start and adjusted quite well. We just had her first consultation and the teacher said that she gets along with lots of her classmates and is doing great. Not a surprise, but still wonderful to hear. She loves going to school, as I knew that she would. One surprise bonus of the move was that the kindergarten she is enrolled in is still half day. That was music to this mom's ears. That helped to make the transition so much smoother for our family.

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