Tuesday, July 8, 2014

kiki b omi Virtual Rummage Sale

I have been going through every last item in this house in an effort to slim down for the move. This purging includes all of my craft and sewing items. I have donated some, kept some, and some I want to share with you! I am going to try my hand at a Virtual Rummage Sale. I will be including fabric (yardage and scrap grab bags), crafting supplies, and also discontinued kiki b omi products. All items will be listed in my Etsy shop under the Rummage Sale section. The sale will go live at 10 am on Thursday, July 10. I have estimated shipping costs listed, however if your shipping costs are less than what I have listed, I will refund the difference. Also, if you are local and would like to save in shipping costs, we can arrange for a pick-up.

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