Monday, July 28, 2014

Preparing To Sell: Exterior (Part One)

As promised, this week I have prepared a few posts on what we all did in our home as we got ready to sell. I am going to break this into a few parts so that the post doesn't overwhelm you, like the thought of moving can. Is it going to be work? Yes! Is it doable? You bet! We are living proof that you can get your house in tip-top listing shape even with three young children. And I am pretty sure we escaped with our sanity. (Well, I can't really say that as we haven't sold the house at the time of writing. But we did get it ready to sell!)

Part one is going to cover what you need to do with the exterior. As with every part of your home, you will want to asses with a critical eye the look of your property. In our case we decided there were two main areas to work on. The front flower bed and the deck. As I mention in this post, we had wild flowers growing in the front of our house. While I loved the variety and the look, I knew that it wouldn't be for every buyer. We decided to take the wild flowers out and replace them with a few plants and cedar mulch. Neat, tidy, and inviting.
We also decided that the deck needed to be re-stained. While this was a bit of a time consuming project, it really made the deck look fresh and new.
You will also want to make sure that your grass is well watered and trimmed. Clear away any clutter in the yard. Touch up any paint that you have in the exterior as well. The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers will see, so don't overlook the curb appeal.

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