Thursday, July 31, 2014

Preparing to Sell: Living Areas (Part 3)

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We've covered the exterior, kitchens, and baths, today we are moving on to living areas in the home. We began by evaluating our decor in our main living areas. I took away many of our personal items like family photos and replaced them with more neutral art. 
I also worked at simplifying the decor. In our living room that meant packing up much of what was in our hutch and replacing it with simple groupings of objects. While I kept some toys in the living area, I pared them down and made sure they could be neatly packed away. Also, before showings I tuck away our large baby equipment, like playmats and bouncy seats.

We also took away extra furniture and stored it for the time being in order to make the walk ways clear and the areas less crowded.

When it came to my work area and the kids' toy area downstairs, we did lots of organizing. We love our Ikea shelving because it keeps the toys neatly tucked away when not in use. Since my work area is downstairs, I didn't feel the need to pack much away, I just made sure that it stays neat and organized.

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