Friday, March 21, 2014

Foodie Friday: Quick and Easy Meals

Some days I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen. And other days I would rather just get a meal on the table quickly and be done with it. Today I am sharing some quick and easy meals that we have been enjoying on our table lately.
1) Wraps: (Image and recipe from Exos) Wraps are great for the days when you don't feel like a sandwich, but you don't feel like making anything either. Spread some mayo, mustard, cream cheese, or whatever suits you on a tortilla, throw in what you have on hand as far as meat and cheese, add in a vegetable and roll. If you need a little inspiration, just do a quick search on Pinterest and you will find more than you need.
2) Chicken French Bread Pizza: (Image and recipe from What's Cooking with Ruthie) Here is a great way to use up some left over chicken, or even turkey. Spread on some Alfredo sauce onto a loaf of french bread cut in half and top with chicken, tomato pieces, and mozzarella.
3) Pizza Quesadillas: (Image and recipe from Land O Lakes) We love quesadillas in our house. We love pizza in our house. Why not combine the two? A little mozzarella on a tortilla topped with pepperoni and whatever other pizza toppings you like. After cooking, serve with pizza sauce to dip.
4) Taco Casserole: (Image and recipe from Bombshell Bling) This is a great way to have the taste of tacos or taco salad with an easy to prepare, serve, and eat casserole. When I made mine, I added some green chilies to the meat and you could really add whatever you wanted to the casserole or when serving.

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