Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung, well in our house at least. We've had a few tastes of spring in the air as well, and it feels wonderful! I added a few touches of spring to the house in honor of March and hoping that the outside gets the hint and joins in.
I finally got the Christmas hanging off the front door and replaced it with this springy wreath. It started with the hello cutout and a Styrofoam wreath. I added scraps and other tidbits I had on hand and came away with this wreath. I just searched Pinterest for inspiration and there was plenty on there.
Of course I had to redo the chalkboard. (This only went back as far as Valentine's Day.) I used the method that you print the message out on the computer and trace it onto the chalkboard by covering the back of the paper with chalk and then going over the top. I like how precise the font turns out this way and will be trying it again.
By searching Pinterest for Easter printables I came away with two great pieces for the bookshelf and our entry way shelf. I also had the perfect frame for the Hosanna egg print (found here). I added in a decorative bird's nest and eggs I had on hand and finished it off with some blue Mason jars I had around wrapped with fabric scraps.
I used some stand jars filled with grains to go along with the I Know That My Redeemer Lives print also from Pinterest (found here.)
There you have it. Some simple touches of spring with little cost to me.

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  1. Super mom! I am so amazed how you got all this stuff up with the 3 kids around! I feel so lazy that I don't have the motivation for spring yet...maybe this weekend! Although, I do have a little excuse b/c today is one of the first really warm days here :)