Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas 2014

Another wonderful Christmas is in the books. We ended up, like most years, with many different times to celebrate the birth of our Savior King. Our celebrations started with the girls' Christmas Eve service. They both had small joint recitations and a song to sing at the beginning of the service. And I am happy to say that they both nicely walked to the front, stood relatively still, and sand and spoke well. Phew! In Cream's words, "We didn't bonk into anyone!"

My parents were able to join us for a brief period including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day morning. We opened gifts with them in the morning and enjoyed a turkey lunch before we each headed our own ways.

We loaded the van and drove to Mr Cherry's parents' for his family Christmas. As usual, we enjoyed a jam packed celebration there with all 20 of us staying under one roof. There is lots of noise, conversation, and wonderful food.
Mr Cherry's grandmother always made homemade eggnog for Christmas, so his sister has carried on the tradition. It is so good!
After returning home for a few days we journeyed to my parents' for a little quieter, but equally enjoyable, celebration. Since neither of my sisters could make the trip, we spent time Skyping and chatting on the phone.
All of those days of Christmas celebrations wore this this three year old out. Good thing there was an auntie lap to sit on
More tired kids.

Today we took down all of the Christmas decorations and reorganized the toys make room for the new ones. While it is always sad to pack the decorations away, it is nice to have a little less clutter in the house.
Two red-headed cousins.
Big cousins are the best!

Peachy goes back to school tomorrow. At the beginning of her break she was happy to be home and lamenting that she couldn't be home everyday with us. Her tune quickly changed and she was so bored at home. Mr Cherry took an extra day off, so we will be easing back into our routine.

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  1. Hope you guys had a great holiday and wishing you a happy (late) new year! Taking down all those holiday decorations is a little sad, but it feels so good to get everything back to normal, doesn't it? :)