Monday, January 26, 2015

Miscellaneous Musings

-Shortcake has finally decided he has the motivation to pull himself up. Once it was here on the ottoman to retrieve the coveted remote and just this morning it was on  open dishwasher. Time to move things up a little higher.
-Cream has started her Park and Rec Tumbling Tots class again. It is good for her to have something organized to do and to have something active in the winter is an added bonus. She received a real gymnastics leotard for Christmas and looks pretty cute out there.
-Peachy is still loving school, but also talks about missing her time at home. She is in a stage right now where she won't let you take a normal picture of her. She received this dress for Christmas and styled it herself with these tights. I loved it!! This is the best photo I could get. Goofball!
-While Shortcake is still extremely good-natured, he will let you know when you have gone against his plans. This picture shows him throwing a fit on the floor when I took something away from him. It is like you broke his little boy heart.
-There has been a whole lotta sewing going on over here as I continue craft fest preparations. A little here and a little there I am building up my inventory. And the house shows it! There are projects, though well organized, all over the sewing area and the rest of the house is looking a bit disheveled.


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