Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Shortcake: 11 Months

Representing the four time national champions the NDSU Bison!

Ah, we are so very close to the one year mark here. Crazy. I know that every parent says it, but it really has been going way too quickly this time around. And although it can really wrench my heart to see my babe growing up, the milestones are rolling in now. We are having so much fun at this age. Mr. Shortcake still isn't moving more than an army crawl, but that boy would make the army proud. He can really make tracks. I like watching how he can maneuver and turn without leaving the floor.

He has mastered the fun games of waving, high five, peek-a-boo and the like. But the boy doesn't perform on demand. Only when he feels like it on his terms. Not to show off when momma wants.
He has an odd relationship with any stuffed animal. He really seems to think of them all as wrestling partners.

There are also lots of sounds coming out of his mouth, some are discernible and others not so much. He is getting pretty good at copying the sounds we make, though. His night time sleep still leaves much to be desired and a tired momma, but I have a hard time not taking care of my sweet boy in the middle of the night. He will raise one little arm to me and I am mush. Smart boy.

At this point he is up to seven teeth and eats whatever he wants for the most part. He is quick to catch on when I am eating something and he doesn't have it. He will even remove food from his mouth and hand it to me as if to ask for the "good stuff" that you are eating. We are cutting down a bit on the nursing sessions as he eats more and more solids, but the boy still loves to nurse. And while he has pretty much mastered the sippy, he won't always take breast milk from it or a bottle. Could make weaning interesting or he might surprise us and make the switch easily.
Poor sticker really didn't stand a chance this month.

He still will sit back and take it all in, but also enjoys being a part of the action. Lately he has been loving cruising the basement in his walker. He also enjoys being a human vacuum and picking up anything on the floor that he shouldn't have. Why do we even bother with toys at this age? It also amuses me how he can at one minute be the gentle observer, and then switch to crazy maniac man.
A gentle observer moment.

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